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Simple Meditation Tips

Yoga + Meditation

Simple Meditation Tips

Gabrielle Stratton

Its my own personal belief that every person can benefit from meditation. 

There are many methods to meditation and each person finds their own that fits their personal style. For my personal practice, I try to meditate in the mornings and when I'm feeling hesitant in the morning or am in a rush I try to practice before I lay my head down at night. I also try to use yoga as a moving meditation. 

What you have to remember about meditation is there is no wrong or right way to do it. The point of meditation is not to sit in complete silence of our minds, but to recognize when a thought does arise and be able to detach from it and let it float off, not follow it down the rabbit hole. 

I use to get mad when my mind wouldn't quiet for the 5-10 minutes that I sat there and quite frankly I was pissed by the time I opened my eyes. And then I took a step back from the outcome and took the time to recognize the thoughts as they came rather than fight them. I gently let them go as I exhaled and moved into the next moment whether it was another thought or some beautiful silence. Some days my mind is busy and doesn't stop and some days I find silence and tap into the breath fully, but everyday and every time I take the time to meditate I feel a bit more blissful. 

Tips for meditation:

1. Sit/lie down in a comfortable position. Make sure you are sitting tall through your spine sit bones softened to the earth if you are crossed legged sitting up right.

2. Close your eyes or dim your gaze whichever is more comfortable for you (there are 2 schools of meditation one which teaches to meditate with your eyes open & the others closed)

3. Begin to tap into your natural breath and just watch the natural rise and fall of your breath, if a thought arises tell yourself, I am thinking and come back to your breath.

4. Begin to count up 10 and once you've reached 10 start over again. This starts to train your mind to be fully present and let's your concentration focus to a single point. 

5. Sit for at least 5 minutes, gently waken your mind & go about your business!

Book Recommendations:

Taking The Leap: Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears By: Pema Chodron